Thursday, April 4, 2013

eBook "Tips To Improve Your Poker Game" : RUEHL Publishing House

This wonderfully designed book can be taken everywhere (yes, even there...) and is a quick reference containing valuable tips for your poker game. We won't waste your time with miles of long paragraphs talking about the best sunglasses to wear or how much money you should bring to a tournament.

"As a casual poker player, I found this book to be really helpful and great food for thought. The format of the book is that it's a big, loosely organized collection of tips to help you improve various aspects of your poker game, and for someone like me (who is already familiar with the basics, but not an advanced player at all) this format was perfect. All the tips come in bite-sized little nuggets, which makes them very easy to digest and then immediately drop into your game.

The tips in this book are divided into broad sections based on particular poker situations (online tournament play, heads-up play, etc.), and then within these sections the advice is presented in hard-and-fast bullet point style. I found this very helpful and refreshing, because it cuts out all the filler and gives me simple, practical, nitty-gritty ideas that can be put into use immediately. The only potential drawback for this is that some people may not like the fact that the book is fairly short. I know that some people pretty much judge the value of a book by how big the page count is, so if you're that kind of person you may want to steer clear. But personally, I really like the fact that the book is concise and straight-to-the-point, because I'm paying for the amount of useful information in the book, not for a big page count that I have to spend hours wading through.

If you're a complete and absolute beginner, you might want to get a more basics-oriented book before picking this one up, but for anyone who is familiar with the basics and wants to take their poker game to the next level, I would definitely recommend this book."

"Most of the poker books I read bog me down with statistics and probabilities and the "proper" play on any specific combination of cards, and it turns into a math battle to try to get past the first couple chapters. What gets lost in the shuffle are the practical tips that can help step your game up.

This book fills that gap between wanting to learn more about how to play the game and getting into the statistical analysis of poker, what the right plays are for any combination of cards, etc. I like this book because I learned something, which actually happens less often than you think when you drop some chips down on tips books. It certainly makes me want to "practice" more."

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